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Hey everyone! I know you've been wondering how to move your characters over to The Last Centurions, so without any more hesitation here is how:

  1. Join The Last Centurions Enjin site:
  2. Log onto your MLP character and type /gquit into the chat box.
  3. Locate any of the following TLC officers and request a guild invite stating you're from MLP. A quick way of doing this is opening your Friends List, clicking on the WHO tab at the bottom, and typing "Last Cent" in the search box. Click search and sort the list by Guild (click the little arrow next to "Comment" at the top and click "Guild"). Look among any "The Last Centurions" members for these names:
  • Kareth, Karetha, Karllesh, Karameth, Iss'abella, Kalzeth, Kalreth, Kairieth, Karyeth, Karqeth, Mallea, Karazeth, Karzeth
  • Angelfluttershy, Goopy, Tangy, Lick'my, Smack'my
  • Dreskord, Dreskordjr, Dreskthree, Dresknoob, Suckerpunchdres
  • Derpyn, Toughen, Bluffin
  • Syrdass, Akyndi, Etonica, Ebedia, Oosh, Varria, Cyn'sira
  • Dar'som, B'daina, Kim-ai, Achel

I'll make an effort to be on Monday evening specifically for inviting players over. Otherwise, you're likely to find an officer on after 8pm PST any given night. Raider ranks will be set-up by me once you've made it into the guild. Starting March 11, the transfer process will officially be over. If you have not merged by then you'll have to join TLC as a member regardless of rank in MLP.

Thank you and see you server side!

Ziodus So much Kareth variety
Will all MLP members please read the following announcement on the forums.

It's time  for another guild roster clean-up! We have a very long list of inactive players in the guild, in-game, so they must go. What do you have to do in order to be ready for late winter cleaning? Just log onto any characters you have in MLP that you'd like to keep in MLP. Any character that has been inactive for longer than 60 days will get the boot!

I'll be cleaning up the roster this Monday (2/24) in the Pacific time evening.

Thanks for your help and continued activity!


It's 2014!

AngelFluttershy a posted Jan 1, 14  -  evenholidaynumberswoo
Woo for even numbers! Happy New Year!
And happy holidays from Star Ponies!
Star Ponies
Hoofington (Flashpoint - 1)
Coltorado (Ops - 1)
Appleloosa (PVP - 1)
Ponyville (Gen Chat)
Kaizu (Lyra)
Rarity Lovecolt
The Moon (AFK)
Canterlot (Officers)
Story Time Corner with Pinkie
Everfree Forest (RP)
Castle of the two sisters (GM Room)
The Royal Entertainment Suite of Princess Luna (Game Room - 2)
CMC Clubhouse (Gamizzle Roomizzle) (SPOILER ROOM)
6 / 40 USERS
My plan is to do the 25 plan which is $5.31/per month. If you can find a better deal Tofu, let me know.
40 seems to be doing "okay" by itself for the time being, though, eh?
I'm currently looking into the technical aspect of things, but from what I'm reading, it should be possible to run a mumble server for over 50 people for about $5/month if you want a cheaper MLP server.
You could if we really needed to fill a group. :p
I guess this means I can't just show up once a month take the mainhand and leave anymore.
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